Why Social Selling?

Social selling is about finally using the potential of your social media channels effectively and consistently. This is exactly what we at nobis.org are your coach for. This is how we achieve your sales goals together in a modern way - without cost-intensive cold calling. We help you get in touch with prospects, build a relationship with them and interact with potential customers.


4 Reasons Why You Should Expand Your Social Selling Immediately:

Social Selling works

  45% more sales opportunities than brands with a low Social Selling Index.

  Sales quotas are 51% more likely to be achieved.

  78% of companies that use social selling make higher sales than companies that do not use social media.

Your sales team builds real relationships

Networking and relationship building haven't just shifted to the online realm due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now is the perfect time to prioritize social selling.

With the help of specialized tools, your sales staff can find out which potential customers are already talking about exactly your offer. We train you to work with them successfully. Built trust and long-term customers lead to significantly higher customer lifetime values.

Your potential customers buy on social media

In the second half of 2020, 25% of all Americans and 23% of Germans aged 18 to 34 made a purchase on social media.

Almost all people, probably including you, do research on the Internet before making a purchase decision. We teach you to position yourself precisely with these customers and to address them intelligently and with discretion.

The strongest salespeople work with social selling

Those who practice social selling remain competitive.

200 million Instagram users visit a profile at least once a day, while 81% of Instagram users research products and services on the platform.

Yet the best salespeople usually work quite intuitively with social channels. We show you exactly how you and your team can professionally acquire and retain customers via social media.

I help Sales Teams optimize their Sales KPIs by implementing successful Social Selling Strategies.

Your personal Coach for successful Social Selling Strategies with an hands-on approach, optimizing KPIs for small to medium sized sales teams.

As a MBA graduate of the California State University, I have worked in a variety of Internet agencies and social media companies such as New Work SE, StepStone, Digimind and Pinterest.

Ulrich Karl Nobis, MBA

I am always available for an exchange on the topic of Social Selling.


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